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At Optimal Dispute Resolutions, we define mediation as follows:

“Mediation – A voluntary, non-binding process where a neutral third party (a mediator retained by both parties) facilitates negotiations between the parties with the goal being to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.”

We’ve researched what parties want in a mediator, and the concept of fairness is always at the core. Knowledgeable and experienced mediators, such as those comprising the team here are Optimal, are the key to achieving fairness.

Having worked with psychologists, we understand the needs of our clients from both a business and emotional standpoint, and we’re prepared to effectively meet those needs from both angles. Our team has litigated 100s of cases to verdict. We understand the impact litigation has on the parties involved, and we feel the emotional impact of litigation is underrated.

Our mediators create an atmosphere where both parties can vent when needed, obtain closure, and exchange necessary info, all in a professional, confidential setting.

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