Adjudicate or referee the dispute and act as a judge and jury
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At Optimal Dispute Resolutions, we define arbitration as follows:

“Arbitration – A voluntary process that can be binding or non-binding in which the parties collectively retain an arbitrator(s) to adjudicate or referee the dispute and act as a judge and jury between them. Arbitration resembles a lawsuit in some ways, but it’s done far less formally, and at a far lower cost to both parties. Both parties agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator.”

During the arbitration process, our arbitrators have access to technology, on-site equipment, and video conferencing to help create a seamless process for both sides.

In addition to services provided during the arbitration, our arbitrators can be involved in the following pre-arbitration processes:

  • Negotiation of terms
  • Determination of the most efficient and smooth process

While we understand that the parties set the rules, we are available as a neutral third party to help during this phase.

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