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Before entering into any arbitration or mediation, it is critical that each party be thoroughly prepared to present their case or have a negotiation strategy. In the process, it can be easy to overlook important aspects of an issue or to become so closely entwined with the situation that it becomes difficult to discern the quality of an argument or what is the most effective strategy. In these circumstances, bringing in an experienced jurist with experience in mediation and arbitration to help understand and position one’s best arguments could make the difference.

Optimal’s CEO, Judge Lawrence Stengel (Ret.), brings a wealth of experience and can review and evaluate your argument to help position you and your clients for success. He has presided over hundreds of civil and criminal trials, jury and nonjury; written more than 1,000 opinions; and conducted numerous settlement conferences.

He is skilled in working with clients to review their negotiation strategies prior to entering into mediation or arbitration. The guidance he can provide allows for adjustments to strategy and enhancements to arguments that can position the party to achieve better results through either mediation or arbitration.


In the case of an arbitration, Judge Stengel will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of presentations and strategies, as well as the following aspects of the case:

  • Quality of the explanation of the case
  • Presentation of legal issues
  • Discussion of laws and rules governing the legal issues
  • Clarity and logic of demands being made
  • The proposed strategies and arguments and the level of persuasiveness

Judge Stengel is also be available for “mock” arbitrations where presentation of argument and evidence can be made, followed by a discussion of strengths and weaknesses, considerations and observations.


Mediating matters has been a significant part of Judge Stengel’s judicial experience. He is equipped to assist with the following:

  • Quality of the presentation to the mediator
  • Persuasiveness of the proposed mediation strategy
  • Preparedness for the opposing party’s strategic approach
  • Clarity and logic of demands
  • Persuasiveness as to additional audience members in attendance

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