Arbitration & Mediation Services

Contact us to avoid litigation and help parties resolve disputes outside the courtroom.

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At Optimal Dispute Resolutions, our team of arbitrators and mediators work with our clients to avoid litigation and help parties collaborate to achieve satisfactory resolutions for everyone. We offer the following services:

Business Meeting


A voluntary process that can be binding or non-binding in which the parties collectively retain an arbitrator(s) to adjudicate or referee the dispute and act as a judge and jury between them.

Business Meeting


A voluntary, non-binding process where a neutral third party (a mediator retained by both parties) facilitates negotiations between the parties with the goal of reaching a mutually acceptable resolution.

Trained to Resolve Complex Disputes

Our team of ADR professionals, led by Hon. Lawrence F. Stengel (Ret.), has decades of experience mediating and arbitrating disputes, thereby helping parties arrive at optimal resolutions for all involved.

We offer the full scope of arbitration and mediation services and are structured to effectively handle general situations as well as situations that call for more niche-specific expertise.

Optimal Dispute Resolutions Judges

Litigation is expensive, time consuming, a drain on company resources, and largely unpredictable. Contact us for a free consultation to find out if Optimal Dispute Resolutions is the right fit for your situation!